Saturday, September 10, 2011


I absolutely LOVE the rain. I think that it makes everything beautiful and new again. There's just something about rain that makes me...joyful. Not happy...because I still feel shitty about tonight. But joyful. I just have a good feeling inside of me. It hasn't even rained yet, but it smells like it! And it is super windy. I am just waiting, though who knows if it will come.

On another note, I have my custom cloth diapers being made, and I am so excited! We are getting a huskers one (thought maybe I should hide it in spite of my hubby) and a Gir from Invader Zim one! She said they should be ready by Monday, which is really fast! We also paid my SIL for the medium gDiapers that she ordered for us.

I also bought coconut oil from the store and am starting to use it! I guess it works great as a skin moisturizer and also for the prevention and for soothing sunburns. Pretty neat! It smells like cooking, though, so maybe I should add some lavender essential oil to it to get a good smell? Not sure if that works or not. I guess I will have to ask around for that one. I am also using it on my little one. Johnson & Johnson is making him break out in a rash, so I need to switch products.

Owen was very upset today. Well, not really upset, but tired, which lead to him being upset. Poor little man. He went to the open house of a place called The Little Gym where you bring your kids to participate in fun activities. They have classes for children as young as 4 months! That is the class that Owen will be going to. I guess they do tummy time and other things to help strengthen their arms and legs. His legs are strong, though. It is his arms that need work. He has been bearing weight on his legs for well over a month now. He loves to stand! By going to the Open House, we got a free class to see if we like it or not. I am sure that I will like it, but we live 45 mins away and I am sure that it will cost too much money for a military paycheck. Oh well. He just needs that socialization. The only person that makes him happy is me. Not even his daddy makes him happy like I do!

I bought a sign language book (on my kindle) for babies! I am wanting to teach him ASL so that he can communicate better with us. I know that he is only 3 1/2 months, but I think it is better to start him out young. I realize it will take him a little bit to use it with me. He just gets frustrated so easily. We are hoping he is a smart baby. He has been so alert ever since birth. His newborn pictures involved us sticking a binky in his mouth to get him satisfied, then pulling it out very quickly and snapping some pictures. That was at one week. I was wondering where that "milk drunkenness" was!

Tomorrow I am hoping that my husband will apologize for being a dick. I am sleeping on the couch tonight with Owen. If not, then I am going to be immature and just be a bitch to him because I feel like it. Stupid? Yes. Solves anything? No. I just really don't care. He went to bed without saying goodnight and that really gets to me. So, couch it is! I was just hoping to hear some bad weather, which is why I didn't go to bed right away. Can't hear much in our room with the humidifier on.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Constantly, I am disappointed by people. I was just going to state specific groups, but then I realized that is everything that I talk to. So I will just be general and say "people". Any type of party I throw, barely anyone comes. It makes me feel like I have no friends, or at least the people I thought were friends, really do not care about me.

I was going to have a jewelry party for a friend so she could build up some clientele, not because I really wanted the jewelry. I was even going to buy a few things, even though I don't really need anything. I invited A LOT of people. I got two "maybes" and 3 "yeses". 3?! Seriously...that is it? Thanks everyone. Way to make me feel lame. I even told people not to feel obligated to buy anything. I just wanted to get together with some girls. I was just being reminded of my baby shower all over again.

I was having a base friends baby shower. I made sure to schedule it during a time where people would not be on leave and I gave out the invitations way in advance, and only 4 people showed up. 3 of those people helped out with the baby shower. The main hostess actually went across the street and invited strangers over to my baby shower. It was so embarrassing.

I wanted to avoid another one of those moments, so I just cancelled the party. I feel bad for the girl who was going to try and sell her stuff, but I just don't want to feel even more like crap by having a pathetic party. I already feel terrible, but I know it would just have been worse on Saturday.

It is so difficult just to find good friends in general, but even more difficult in the military life. A lot of these women are flaky and only care about themselves. I keep trying to make some good friends, but I only make a couple that are pretty busy in their own lives. I guess I am pretty busy in my own life as well, but I still have not found someone that I "click" with and I have been here for almost 3 years now. I thought I found someone, but they just stopped talking to me.

I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me and my husband. We cannot seem to keep friends. We are going to be moving within a year anyway, so I can just start all over again trying to find friends and being disappointed at another base. Gotta love this life.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two current crafts

This is dying glass jars and other items with mod podge! I love the way they turned out. I just need more places in my home for them! 

I am hoping this one will start looking better when I get more added onto it! Maybe I should paint it, too? Hmm. Just made from paper towel rolls. Gluing them together to make a growing wall decoration. 

Shopping list for crafts/ save for crafts

  1. Popsicle sticks
  2. Glass jars
  3. Exacto Knife
  4. Toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls
  5. Tracing paper
  6. Reusable stencil
  7. That blue tape
  8. Paintbrushes (non-synthetic)
  9. Armor Etch Cream
  10. Fabric ink pen
  11. Fabric scissors
  12. 400 grit sandpaper
  13. Contact paper
  14. Spray paint
  15. Staple gun

Wow...that's a lot of stuff. Well, I guess one project at a time!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


My little man waiting to get in the shower. :)

New Blog

I keep deleting the blogs that I had created. Hopefully this one sticks!

Basically, I will be chatting about raising my son as naturally as I can, arts and crafts projects that I attempt, and also anything and everything Navy!

Currently, I am working on two projects and realizing how much I love Mod Podge! This is my first time using it in crafts. This is really my first time doing crafts other than making jewelry or crocheting. I suppose I am a novice. :)

At this moment, I am taking care of our son, Owen, who is a little over 3 months, and also taking care of my husband, Shamus, because he recently had nose and uvula surgery and is out of it completely. So much fun! This is the most work I have done since I have had our son! Normally, people help me out and lot more with things, but I have to rely on myself completely. It is not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I am cleaning and getting crafts done, so I think I am doing quite well.